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Jerry Garcia 80th Birthday Celebration. You'll hear Garcia with the Dead from 1970 - 1972 - 1974, plus bands Jerry played with Howard Wales, Merl Saunders & Nicky Hopkins during the early to mid 1970's.

(*) Note: Most will recognize portions of "Truckin'" and pieces of "The Other One," though what we heard 50 years ago from the 3LP "Europe '72" was edited. The ending of "The Other One" with the Lesh bass solo was added later, and was recorded in a studio. What you'll hear on this Jerry 80th birthday celebration program is the complete unedited jam that is taken from the 70+ CD box-set; "The Complete Europe '72 Recordings." So you will now hear "The Other One" segueing into "El Paso" then back for a second reprise of "The Other One," that concludes with a sweet "Wharf Rat." This is the way it really happened, and it is stunning! By the way: This lengthy "Truckin', "The Other One," "El Paso," "The Other One," "Wharf Rat" jam was the very first show that the Dead played in Europe in 1972. They obviously wanted to make a point, and they did. Dig it!

This is my very first Brian Auger 4-hour tribute, and commemorates Auger's 83rd birthday. Brian is still with us and was last seen 3 years ago at the Falcon in Marlboro, NY. Auger featured his on & off guitarist Frank Gambale on guitar, and his latest edition of his Oblivion Express and his son Karma Auger on drums.

This 4-hour ceremony features Brian Auger & the Trinity with & without Julie Driscoll, and Auger's Oblivion Express that has been touring & recording for nearly 50 years. Auger's Oblivion Express also featured guitarist Jim Mullen & vocalist Alex Ligertwood. Additionally featured are Auger's sideman work with Eric Buron, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, Lenny White, Passport/Klaus Doldinger, Volker Kriegel, Pete York, Tea/Grand Cru, Frank Gambale, Down to the Bone, Steampacket, Leslie West & more. PLUS my (weekly) frightening & exploding ($4.50 + gasoline price) reminder from NRBQ; who wrote & sang about 1979's gas, oil, energy & INFLATION crisis (FOUR +) decades ago! As Yogi Berra would say: "It's déjà vu all over again." I say: HIGH ENERGY PRICES SUCK!

On January 22nd, 2003 the New York Blues & Jazz Society organized a fundraising event for the great Hubert Sumlin who needed to raise money for lung surgery. January 22nd, 2003 was an unusually brutally cold evening, but that did not deter Hubert's fans from supporting their hero, who sold-out B.B. King's Times Square Blues Club. Additionally kind & generous fans donated for Blues memorabilia raffles that the New York Blues & Jazz Society ran throughout the star-studded evening of Blues performances.

This is the second of 3 installments from the 3-hour plus concert. This second segment opens with a "Guitar Quartet" set featuring Marc Ribot, Elliott Sharp, Michael Hill, and Hubert Sumlin, and runs for about 30 minutes.

The second portion of this segment brings on a full band that Jimmy Vivino titles as The Wolf Tribute Band; featuring Hubert Sumlin, Levon Helm, David Maxwell, Greg Piccolo, Mike Merritt, Frank Pagano & Vivino.

Here's the breakdown: Guitar Summit:

  • Michael Hill sings a new tune dedicated to Hubert "Pickin' & Strummin' with Hubert Sumlin."
  • Hubert leads the quartet vocally & with his guitar with "Baby How Long," and closes with "Killing Floor."
  • The full band hits the stage with pianist David Maxwell leading the way with a high-paced swinging instrumental that exemplifies that musicianship of guitarist Vivino, Piccolo's sax & Maxwell's brilliant keys.
  • For the next tune "Shake for Me" adds Hubert Sumlin & vocalist David Johansen.
  • Followed by "Built for Comfort," "Going Down Slow," and "Crawling King Snake."
  • At that point Bob Margolin & Anthony Kane are announced to join in on guitar & harp.
But that's where the second CD segment ends. So stay tuned during the coming weeks to hear the third and final portion of "Howlin for Hubert."

Click here if you missed part 1.

On 11/4/2004 Bob Putignano was contacted by Back Beat Books to assist with the promotion of Dan Aykroyd's book: "Elwood's Blues." Putignano's job was to solely assemble & handpick a Blues band to play at the Sirius Radio offices at their performance studio in midtown NYC. Putignano contacted & enlisted all of the performance musician/band-members (except for Dan Aykroyd which was a given.) Featured performers: Mose Allison, Hubert Sumlin, Bettye LaVette, David Maxwell, Jerry Jemmott, Rob Paparozzi, Blue Lou Marini, Calvin Owens, Michael Hill, Dan Aykroyd/Elwood Blues and more.
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