"Working CD's for press & radio"

Services I offer include:
Postage and packaging for shipping your CD to radio stations around the country. You ship your CD's to me, (please remove cellophane wrappers) and I mail them out. My only charge is $8 per CD. For example: if we ship the 100 CD's- your only cost to me will be $800
You should also supply the agreed quantity of "fact" flysheet for insertion with your CD.
I follow up with the DJ's and will let you know where your CD is being played with individual emails from the DJ's from their play list(s).
Unlike many other radio marketing companies: I also ship your CD's to magazines, periodicals, and web sites for reviews. My best successes have been at Downbeat, Blues Revue, Goldmine Magazine, Living Blues, Relix, Spin, The All Music Guide (allmusic.com) and regional Blues Society's newsletters & web sites.
That is basically it. I work hard, and enjoy what I do, and enjoy success for my clients, hoping that they will spread the good word for me, and will become repeat customers for many years to come.
I look forward to potentially working with you, and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at this email address, or to call me at: 914-667-8003"