RFA 10

Sounds of Blue

Bob Putignano

SOB-RFA-10 is Creamy set that features: A wild & live Cream jam that segues to Jack Bruce's "Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune" from Bruce's first post Cream solo album the 1969 release "Songs for a Tailor." Then it's back to Cream's "N.S.U." which stands for Non-Specific-Urethis otherwise known as a venereal disease that Clapton was supposedly afflicted by. 35 years forward Cream reemerges with their classic "Sunshine of Your Love" from the Royal Albert Hall recorded 2005. "I'm So Glad" authored by Skip James is taken from the bands 1968 swansong "Goodbye Cream," into another from "Songs for a Tailor" by the team of Jack Bruce & Pete Brown "Theme for an Imaginary Western." The Cream themed set concludes with yet more from Bruce & Brown; "Politician." Switching gears; Rolling Stone editor & executive producer Ralph J. Gleason had the notion of having Mike Bloomfield sit-in with Woody Herman's Big Band for the instrumental "Hitch Hike on the Possum Trot Line" from 1971's Fantasy recording "Brand New." SOB-RFA-10 wraps with a farewell the wonderful Memphis saxophonist Herman Green who recently passed at 90; "John de Konk A Roo" from Green's 2001 album "Hernando Street Blues." See Herman Green's Goldmine mag interview by Bob Putignano.