SOB-RFA-14: Radio Free Amsterdam radio hour

Bob Putignano's Sounds of Blue

Bob Putignano's SOB-RFA-14: Radio Free Amsterdam radio hour (tightly edited by John Sinclair) has Sinclair rummaging through SOB 293 & other SOB editions. Sinclair elects to lead us to below the ocean with Donovan Leitch's "Atlantis" to kick off the program, onto that house in New Orleans covered by Eric Burdon & the Animals, then climbs with Donovan's Mountain that would soon after become one of The Allman Brothers signature performances "Mountain Jam" which is illustrated here by the Brothers from the Ludlow Garage, 1970. It's a hard act to follow ABB's "Mountain Jam" with Duane, yet Sinclair takes us down that Mountain in search of that lady with them "Dimples" performed by Eric Burdon & the Animals. Note: Many of you may recall that the Brothers Allman also covered John Lee Hooker's "Dimples" as well. Nonetheless: Shake Baby Shake & Enjoy!!