Classic pre-recorded dialog interviews (with occasional live performances) that were conducted by Bob Putignano.
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SOB "Howlin' for Hubert" Part 2 of 3

On January 22nd, 2003 the New York Blues & Jazz Society organized a fundraising event for the great Hubert Sumlin who needed to raise money for lung surgery. January 22nd, 2003 was an unusually brutally cold evening, but that did not deter Hubert's fans from supporting their hero, who sold-out B.B. King's Times Square Blues Club. Additionally kind & generous fans donated for Blues memorabilia raffles that the New York Blues & Jazz Society ran throughout the star-studded evening of Blues performances.

This is the second of 3 installments from the 3-hour plus concert. This second segment opens with a "Guitar Quartet" set featuring Marc Ribot, Elliott Sharp, Michael Hill, and Hubert Sumlin, and runs for about 30 minutes.

The second portion of this segment brings on a full band that Jimmy Vivino titles as The Wolf Tribute Band; featuring Hubert Sumlin, Levon Helm, David Maxwell, Greg Piccolo, Mike Merritt, Frank Pagano & Vivino.

Here's the breakdown: Guitar Summit:

  • Michael Hill sings a new tune dedicated to Hubert "Pickin' & Strummin' with Hubert Sumlin."
  • Hubert leads the quartet vocally & with his guitar with "Baby How Long," and closes with "Killing Floor."
  • The full band hits the stage with pianist David Maxwell leading the way with a high-paced swinging instrumental that exemplifies that musicianship of guitarist Vivino, Piccolo's sax & Maxwell's brilliant keys.
  • For the next tune "Shake for Me" adds Hubert Sumlin & vocalist David Johansen.
  • Followed by "Built for Comfort," "Going Down Slow," and "Crawling King Snake."
  • At that point Bob Margolin & Anthony Kane are announced to join in on guitar & harp.
But that's where the second CD segment ends. So stay tuned during the coming weeks to hear the third and final portion of "Howlin for Hubert."

Bob Putignano