Classic pre-recorded dialog interviews (with occasional live performances) that were conducted by Bob Putignano.
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11/4/2004 On 11/4/2004 Bob Putignano was contacted by Back Beat Books to assist with the promotion of Dan Aykroyd's book: "Elwood's Blues." Putignano's job was to solely assemble & handpick a Blues band to play at the Sirius Radio offices at their performance studio in midtown NYC. Putignano contacted & enlisted all of the performance musician/band-members (except for Dan Aykroyd which was a given.) Featured performers: Mose Allison, Hubert Sumlin, Bettye LaVette, David Maxwell, Jerry Jemmott, Rob Paparozzi, Blue Lou Marini, Calvin Owens, Michael Hill, Dan Aykroyd/Elwood Blues and more. It's a 1-hour concert that consisted of:
  • Mose Allison performing "Your Mind Is On Vacation and Your Mouth is Working Overtime," and "When You Get to the City."
  • Pat St. John interviews Dan Aykroyd about his book "Elwood's Blues."
  • Aykroyd & St. John then introduce most of the band.
  • Bettye LaVette performs "Everyday I Have the Blues."
  • Hubert Sumlin performs Little Walter's "Everything Gonna Be Alright."
  • David Maxwell (in a trio) setting perform an instrumental titled "Boogie To the Max"
  • Michael Hill covers William Bell's & Booker T. Jones' "Born Under a Bad Sign."
  • Calvin Owens delivers a slow Blues Instrumental.
  • Rob Paparozzi, Bettye LaVette & Nikki Armstrong cover Chris Kenner's "Something You Got."
  • Dan Akroyd/Elwood Blues close the night with the classic "Sweet Home Chicago" that Robert Johnson recorded.
  • Bob Putignano adds some (recent/sour grapes) observations with closing comments about this 2004 Blues show featuring "The Sirius Special Blues Band," a band title given by Aykroyd.
Enjoy the show.
02/09/2005 Ruth Brown interview with Joel Dorn and myself. It runs about 23 minutes. There's also an after Joel 4-minute segment with just Joel Dorn & I summarizing the time with Ruth Brown and a few other sweet nuggets.
12/28/2004 John Mayer interview from 12/28/2004 with yours truly. This was recorded when Mayer was taking the Blues on the road, and later performed this very evening with Hubert Sumlin sitting in for a portion of Mayer's set. The outro song I used (after our interview) is from Mayer's 2CD limited edition set title "As/Is" the track I programed is appropriately titled "Blues Intro." This interview was also transcribed for an article I wrote for Goldmine Magazine.
8/3/1977 (part 1)
(part 2)
Steve Miller has dug deep into his archives and found an unreleased, full-length concert recording, Steve Miller Band Live! Breaking Ground: August 3, 1977, out now via Sailor/Capitol/UMe.
Dan Neer is the radio host for this 1 hour special.
6/10/2021 (part 1)
(part 2)
Over the next hour, we'll celebrate the 50th anniversary with archival George Harrison interview, and thoughts and tales from Eric Clapton, Gary Wright, Dave Mason & Badfinger's Joey Molland. Welcome to George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass at 50: All Access." Hosted by Dan Neer.
8/12/2004 Joel Dorn, Mark Moorman & Bob P talk about "Tom Dowd - The Language of Music" documentary/film/DVD, from 2003. But make no mistake: This is really Joel Dorn's show who colorfully opines about Brother Ray Charles, King Curtis, Duane Allman, The Allman Brothers Band, how Tom Dowd introduced Eric Clapton to The Allman Brothers, Nesuhi Ertegun, the 2 Golden Periods of Atlantic Records, George Harrison, Lamont Dozier, making music albums and Mark Moorman's "Tom Dowd - The Language of Music."
(*) Song selections by Bob Putignano, audio editing & mix by Mario Campanella.
12/2/2015 Please enjoy Bob P's Bob James & Nathan East 1-hr interview, recorded on Dec 2, 2015.
11/7/2006 This is a 19 minute Joe Bonamassa interview that was recorded 11/7/2006. The interview includes a warm discussion about Tom Dowd who worked with & produced Bonamassa, plus 2 live acoustic performances.
6/30/2001 This interview with author Jan Mark Wolkin, co-author of If You Love These Blues, a book about Michael Bloomfield. A couple of items I'd like to mention about listening to this 2001 interview from nearly 20 years ago is how I was worried how I sounded after only being a DJ for WFDU for about 1 year. But I felt the interview flowed well, the interview also offered a lot of great Bloomfield stories from the author. I hope you dig it, this was a great flashback set of memories for me.

Two other points to observe at the end of this interview: Longtime WFDU listeners will recall the top-of the-hour Paul's Motors Volvo ads that ran for decades at WFDU, plus I had forgotten about our NY Blues Society ads that also ran alongside Paul's Motors. The NY Blues Society ad with Across the Tracks Program Director Dave Grogan. & I trying to sell the merits of our non-profit Blues Society; good memories here too.

Lastly, I just added a favorite Bloomfield track of mine from Barry Goldberg's 1969 Buddah LP "Two Jews Blues" a slow Blues track titled "Blues for Barry and... (dedicated to Big John's." where Bloomfield was a guest artists on a few tracks though I recall Bloomfield was uncredited due to contractual issues. Another noteworthy item (that I don't play here) is: Duane Allman also appeared on this "Two Jews Blues" recording too, but Allman & Bloomfield were not on the same track "It Hurts Me Too."