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Farpoint Films

k John Barnard wrote and directed “Bachman” a documentary profiling Canadian rocker Randy Bachman who is well known for his exemplary work with The Guess Who and The Bachman-Turner Overdrive. If you grew up during the late sixties and into the seventies you will clearly recall Bachman’s radio friendly hits: “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," "Let It Ride," "Roll On Down the Highway,” "American Woman," "These Eyes," "No Time," "Undun," "Laughing," "Takin' Care of Business," and others. Bachman is also one of a handful of musicians who registered multiple number-one hits with two different bands, and probably one of a few Canadian artists who scored twice at the top of the charts with two separate bands.

This fine documentary covers Bachman’s humble beginnings in Winnipeg, Canada, his meteoric rise to fame and rapid accumulation of guitars, assets and mansions. It’s also interesting to note that Bachman didn’t partake in the typical rock-star lifestyle of sex, booze and drugs. The first two-thirds of this video is extremely fast-paced as we observe the band(s) immense popularity. I also enjoyed the segment about the great vocalist Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, though I would have liked to have learned more about their breakup. Unfortunately the latter one-third of this documentary is somewhat disappointing; observing Bachman’s loss of assets, homes and wife. Nonetheless Bachman proves to be a fighter who manages rise again rebuilding his career. To this day at seventy-five Bachman still tours as a potent and powerful guitarist and singer. Last year (summer of 2018) I was fortunate to have seen Mr. Bachman’s band (with his band-mate son) perform at the Trois-Rivieres Blues Festival and can attest that Bachman is still compelling force.

Throughout Bachman is not a man of many words issuing short sentence snippets. Conversely family members, journalists, and musical peers; (Neil Young, Peter Frampton, Paul Shaffer, Alex Lifeson of Rush and a few others) offer lengthier particulars (and minutiae) about the talented Randy Bachman. By the way: Bachman currently hosts a popular radio program on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) network, titled “Vinyl Tap” that is readily available and worthwhile to seek out.

Production Company: Farpoint Films
Director-screenwriter: John Barnard
Producers: Gilles Paquin, Kyle Bornais, Chris Charney, Scott Leary
Director of photography: Markus Henkel
Editors: Markus Henkel, John Barnard
Venue: Hot Docs

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