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It may not be all blues, but who cares. Robert Putignano likes this latest release from a vet who plows new ground: Don Wilcock Blueswax Editor

An Excellent Addition to Keb Mo's Strong Discography

Kevin Moore, best known to us as Keb' Mo', certainly needs no further introductions. For more details on the soon to be sixty-year-old Keb, refer to Don Wilcock's recent two-part interviews here in BluesWax, as well as ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Jeremy Spencer's comments to the same. Now onto The Reflection, where the good vibes are strong. Standouts include Keb's opener "The Whole Enchilada," with David T. Walker's guitar and Victor Wooten's bass. Both add a lot to this loose and captivating tune. "Inside Outside," also written by Keb', has almost that classic Steely Dan sound and production, which is a good thing. There's additional perfection with the use of the background vocalists, plus the veteran Reggie McBride (used by Keb on previous records) returns to play bass on this very catchy and soulful song. Kevin So's "Crush On You" is a duet with India Arie and Keb that works extremely well. This song is well written and fits very well within Keb's repertoire. The Eagles' "One of These Nights," with Dave Koz's sax is an odd inclusion, probably a good fit for smooth jazz radio formats, that is what is left of that radio format. Vince Gill plays mandolin, sings, and co-wrote with Keb' "My Baby's Telling Lies," which segues well from the previous Eagles interpretation, with tasty vocals from Gil and Keb. The humorous "Just Lookin'" adds Marcus Miller's bass, horns, and the return of the background singers. It's also sumptuously funky and tight throughout. Mo's "Walk Through the Fire" also echoes the Dan of Steel sound, it's a solid track, especially with Keb's smart guitar licks on the fade. The family affair haunting finale, "Something Within," is talked about in far more detail in Wilcock's interview with Mo that past couple of week's in BluesWax, but I have to say this tune is a touching way to conclude The Reflection. Production work by Keb' Mo' is of the highest magnitude, with precision timing between each song that flows smartly from track to track. His selection of top-notch sidemen is also superb and right on the mark, so much so that it's obvious that a lot of good thought went into the making of The Refection. Note: I am usually not a fan of programmed drums, but Keb does an excellent job that makes this drum sound almost unnoticeable. Some will ask, "Where's the blues content?" I say, this is an excellent addition to Keb's already strong discography and shouldn't it be more about the quality of the music? That's certainly undeniable here

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