s foley

Sue Foley Deborah Coleman Roxanne Potvin
"Time Bomb "
Ruf Records

Rating 7 Sue Foley and Deborah Coleman come to this recording with deep credentials in the blues rock world, but Roxanne Potvin is not a name that I am very familiar with, but more about her later.

Often this recording is pleasing and at times very hot, especially on the NRBQ'ish rocking opening instrumental title track- Foley's 'Time Bomb' which definitely races in true pedal to the metal fashion and just roars and soars! Foley's 'So Far' is a rip roaring affair with a rockabilly tinge that is one of the finer compositions I heard from Foley in a while, and offers top notch blazing guitar rev-ups as Foley really wails on this track! But I could have done without her corny 'Show Me' which really does not fit well with the rest of this CD. Coleman covers James Brown's 'Talking Loud' in a Grateful Dead'ish 'Shakedown Street' funky mode, complete with wah-wah effects, sassy background vocals, and is one of several fun tunes on this hip recording. The Coleman authored 'Motor City' also utilizes soulful background vocals, and allows Deborah to do what she does best on her driving guitar, and the band also kicks in mightily especially the thumping bass of Jim Anton, and the strong B3 work of Mark Lickteig. Potvin's 'Get Up' is probably her best contribution here, but all due respect to Potvin, this CD could have easily been a Sue Foley meets Deborah Coleman recording, and does not need the third-wheel singer/songwriter/guitarist, as it would have been neat to have a couple of Coleman/Foley collaborations, especially instrumentally. The albums closing track- Billy Davis' 'In the Basement' made famous by Etta James is a riotous hoot, and allows all three ladies to sing a verse or two, and this tune is outstanding selection to round out this very neat recording. 'time Bomb' works very well at least half of the time, which by today's standards makes this CD a very nice recording to own. I would be remiss to leave out the fine production work of Kevin Bowe (best known for his work with Robben Ford, John Mayall, Etta James, Tommy Castro, Jonny Lang, and others,) and to the executive producers Thomas Ruf & Sue Foley, bravo!

Bob Putignano: www.SoundsofBlue.com