Top Ten CD's for 2006
Bob Putignano

Bob Putignano's 2006 Best of's
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10. Mala Waldron "Always There"
9. Various "Viva Carlos" Guitar Tribute to Carlos Santana
8. Dr. John "Mercenary"
7. King Curtis "Live at the Fillmore West- Deluxe Edition"
Aretha Franklin "Live at the Fillmore West- Deluxe Edition"
5. Derek Trucks "Songlines"
Aaron Neville "Bring it on Home, The Soul Classics"
3. New Orleans Social Club "Sing Me Back Home"
2. Ray Charles "Ray Sings Basie Swings"
1. Don Byron "Do the Boomerang - The Music of Junior Walker"

Best compilation/reissue box set: "What It Is!" Funky Soul and Rare Grooves Rhino
Best DVD: Antone's Home of the Blues
Best CD that would have been on my 2005 top ten, had I received it last year:
Boz Scaggs "Greatest Hits Live" Gray Cat Records.
Best book:Jeannie Cheatham's Autobiography "Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On" My Life in Music University of Texas Press

Bob Putignano's favorite radio interviews:

Anytime I get to do radio with Joel Dorn. Once I had Joel on with me with the great Ruth Brown- what a trip that was! And on another occasion I had Joel & Fathead Newman together- that was also special. Dorn always comes to WFDU to help with my fund-drive, and that has now become an annual event- thanks Joel!
Riding the bus with B.B. King for a interview, and bringing Hubert Sumlin with me to meet B.B. Listening to those legends chat was fascinating. Also-observing B.B. cranking up the bus's CD player and listening to the great Count Basie.
Riding the bus with Gatemouth Brown, he had so many great stories to tell including one about saving Jimmy Smith's life one time, but what I will remember him most for was telling me to put my pipe tobacco back in my pocket, as he made me smoke his "special blend." After the interview Gate gave me a bag of his tobacco which had his name on it, I still have it, and it still has some tobacco in it.
Bob Putignano's favorite dj's:
Bob Porter: Having lived all my life in the NY area, I was fortunate to have Bob Porter to listen to for over 25 years, Mr. Porter gave me an education to blues and jazz which compares to none that I have ever listened to. Additionally when I started doing radio at WFDU, Porter would listen to my radio program and give me pointers, I will never forget him for doing that for me!
Joel Dorn: One of the great sounding radio voices, chock full of historical information that he not only learned- he was part of and created a lot of that history at Atlantic Records. One of the nicest people in the industry to work with- Joel has always been there for me whenever I asked join me on air.
Michael Bourne (WBGO) Michael has great big ears, impeccable taste, knows his history, and what's most fascinating about Bourne is how he consistently hooks current world/local news to the music he plays. Michael is a musician's dream, who always plays the music of artists who are playing around town. Bourne's a great guy who always says YES- when I ask him to make gig announcements for the NY Blues & Jazz Society.
Linda Yohn (WEMU) I have never heard Linda on the air, and I have never listened to WEMU, there is no need to, as reading through Linda's play-lists it is obvious that she truly understands and cares about the music. Linda really "gets it" as to what it takes to make radio interesting for her listeners. Any Music Director worldwide would be well served by taking a moment to read Yohn's weekly spins updates, which she will kindly email to you upon your request.

Bob Putignano

Happy New Year!
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